3D Optical Inspection

3D Optical Inspection

Revolutionary Inspection Solution For The
Semiconductor/Panel Industry


Revolutionary Inspection Solution For The Semiconductor/Panel Industry

Product Features

3D Imaging

A single scan can obtain the 3D structure under the surface, including six sides, inner layer inspection, and provide XY, XZ, YZ, and 3D images from different viewing angles for defect detection.

High image resolution capability

The switchable magnification design combines high-speed and high-precision detection capabilities. High-precision defect detection can reach up to 1.2 μm/pixel.

Inner layer Inspection

Defects detection of whole wafer after cutting, including side collapses, hidden collapses, internal cracks, scratches, and air bubbles. No need for media or grains removal before inspection.

Wafer 3D comprehensive inspection

Supports inspection for wafers up to 12 inches in diameter, eliminating concerns about sampling inspection. This increases efficiency by reducing both false negatives and false positives.

High optical penetration capability

Equipped with optimal optical resolution penetration, the imaging depth range can reach 2 mm, suitable for detecting multilayered sample structures.

Single-shot multilayered imaging

One-shot imaging captures different depths for flat structure images, presenting real-time views and 3D images from various perspectives.

AI-assisted defects identification

Customized automatic recognition software effectively distinguishes different types of defects and allows users to define their own defect filtering criteria.


Product Specifications

Centre Wavelength 1310
Magnification factor (Objective lens) 5x · 20x
Frame rate (Max.) 800 frames/sec · 200 frames/sec
Axial Pixel resolution (in air) 7 μm
Transverse Pixel resolution (Max.) *1 11.25 μm · 1.2 μm
Scanning range (Max.) *2 4.5*4.5 mm2 · 1.2*1.2 mm2
Imaging range*3 2 mm
Software functions Real-time image acquisition, processing and display engine Example scanning time : 0.5 sec@4.5 mm*4.5mm/5 sec@ 1.2mm*1.2mm 2D preview (xz), 2D/3D imaging
*1 Customization service
*2 Single FOV
*3 Dependent on the optical properties of sample